Fruit Tooth

by Sarah Murphy When I was a student, I would sit in coffee shops for hours. I turned up with … More

Bad Winters Day

via Twitter David Catherall. thick snow and wind. Came home from primary school. Mum had made a thick stew and … More

Redcurrant jelly

by Hattie In the summer we would pick redcurrants from the the garden. Mum would wash them in the big … More

Steak tartare

Mike via Twitter @mikedb5 “Steak tartare for me age 10. Waiter: how would you like it done? Me: it’s raw … More

Crisp Sandwiches

Wendy Errington via Twitter @Erriwend  “Has to be Crisp Sandwiches. Went to uni & people went eh? In a stotty cake … More